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Becharre : A night at the White Cedars
Becharre : A night at the White Cedars
Camille Devars Bex

Ideally nestled in the heights of the charming village of Becharre and only a short drive from the Forest of God, the White Cedars Resort is undoubtedly an excellent start from which you will be able to discover the region and enjoy the beauty of the valley.

We arrived in Becharre just after 11 pm, and were immediately struck by the peaceful and serene atmosphere of the streets, a marked contrast from the bustling energy of Beirut where we had started our journey. The air was crisp and refreshing, and a quick glance at the horizon revealed the stunning natural beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Luck was definitely not on our side when the driver dropped us off at the entrance of the village, but our hotel was still an hour's walk away. As we resigned ourselves to the idea of hitchhiking, a car unexpectedly pulled up beside us and the driver kindly offered to take us closer to our destination. The road was deserted and dark, with no other cars in sight during the twenty-minute drive. The driver dropped us off just a two-minute walk from the hotel, giving us the chance to enjoy the stunning starry sky as we made our way on foot.

As soon as we arrived at White Cedars, the manager welcomed us warmly and ushered us into the dining room. The ambiance was cozy and inviting, with the sweet fragrance of narghile smoke and the soothing sounds of oriental music in the background. We indulged in an assortment of appetizers, pizza, and pasta, all while sitting by the fire.
After dinner, we sought the manager's advice on activities to do in the area before retiring to our room. The room had a classic and refined decor, with comfortable beds that complemented the tranquil atmosphere of the hotel.

The first rays of the sun gently woke us up as they crept through the curtains, marking the start of a new day. We headed to the lounge for a Lebanese and continental breakfast, fueling up for the day’s adventures ahead.

Our first stop was the Cedar Forest of God, just a few minutes away. After exploring the forest, we decided we’d return during winter to witness the valley covered in snow, especially since the hotel is located at the foot of the ski slopes.

The quality of the dinner, service, comfort, and serenity of the hotel were all memorable, but what truly stood out was the kindness and hospitality of the staff. They made our short stay even more enjoyable.

Overall, this is an address worth remembering!

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