I arrive at noon to this piece if heaven to pay tribute to the millennial trees and I already see some tourists begin to gather up.

I, who was imagined a wild forest one that was untamed by mankind with paths that guide my way.

A first glance the place makes me realize the beauty of such a marvel of nature: the trees are imposing, majestic, they parade before me with panache as the witnesses of past centuries to which they resisted.

At this precise moment, I understand that this forest has been able to inspire authors such as Khalil Gibran or Alphonse de Lamartine.

The presence of Lamartine just honors the place, since one of the trees bears the name of the poet and a commemorative plaque reminds us of his arrival in 1832.

Any good lover of poetry should then rave about this discovery: this is where his famous verses could have been written:

"O time! suspend your flight, and you, auspicious hours! suspend your lesson: let us savor the fast delights of the most beautiful nowadays »

A few tens of meters further I see a small well-hidden chapel which nobody dares to venture towards. There I was alone, safely guarded against humanity with only a few candles and some rays of sunlight that illuminate the small altar and the statues that adorn the place.